The Truth about God and Growing in Knowledge of God

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Every believer of God should seek to grow in the knowledge of God and good works which he has called us to do. No one can say, "Ok..I'm now saved and I know that I wll go to Heaven..Let me go back to my old life and just live the way that I always lived...".

The purpose of this website is to help the Children of God grow in knowledge and good works for God. We are not called because of our good works, but we are called for good works, to the glory and praise of God. Christian life is a journey where we become more like Jesus, moving closer and closer to God every day, till we reach our Eternal Home.

No Christian will become fully perfect in this world, but we should surely try our best to live a Holy Life, through God's grace and strength. Obedience to the Living God is an act of Worship. It pleases God. Let us take practical steps to grow in obedience, discipline and endurance, as we enjoy the presence of God in our lives.

If you still do not know who the Living God is or have questions on the existence of God and the basics of Faith, please visit

God has a purpose for our lives. He will help us and strengthen us to accomplish His will for us, if we seek to fulfill His purpose joyfully.
Who doesn't want to hear God say, "Well done, good and faithful servant"? Who doesn't want rewards in Heaven?
Who doesn't want to stand unashamed before the Lord, on the day of His visitation?
What a joy it is please God and live for His glory, every single day. Let us make a decision to grow in the knowledge and understanding of God's Word. It is through His Word that God speaks to us and transforms us. The more the understanding of God's truth, the more closer we get to God.

It is the Truth of God's Word that set us free from bondage and gave us the Gift of Salvation. It is the Truth of God's Word that has the power to help you understand God's Will for your life and to fulfill your calling. It is the Truth of God's Word that makes us sensitive to the Holy Spirit and enables us to become more of Christ and less of the world.

The Bible is a Spiritual Book which is filled with God's wisdom and instructions for a Godly living. Sadly, today there are many false teachers and preachers who misinterpret the Bible Verses and mislead people. The purpose of this website is to help you grow in knowledge and right understanding of God's Word and to apply the Biblical principles and wisdom in every day life.

Wisdom cannot measured by your IQ level, examination score or job position. While these things are good to have, greater and lasting wisdom is to know God's truth and to walk in His ways. Let Holy Spirit be our guide, as we seek God's wisdom and strength to obey His Word.

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