How to Glorify God in all you do

glorify god in all you do

Glorify God by Depending on Him

God is glorified, when you live your life on earth with total dependence on God, His providence, His protection and His grace in every area of your life.

Our God looks at our heart's attitude towards Him and our motivation behind all that we do. He is pleased when we live with acknowledgement and adoration of His divine power and grace.

When your attitude is right, you will not take things in your own hand; you would not trust your own strength or might or brain power; You will always remember that everything that you have is from God and that all Glory should rightfully go to Him alone.

Glorify God by an Attitude of Gratitude

God can see everything that is in our heart. God cares about our attitude behind every action that we do. He rewarrds our attitude and heart motives. God is a God of Truth. He expects truth in our inward parts, not just an outward show of good works.

A thankful heart glorifies God for His providence!

A cheerful worry free heart, glorifies God by acknowledging that He is in Control for Eternity!

Did you thank God for being alive today?

Did you thank God for the good food He gave you today?

Did you thank God for the peaceful night's sleep yesterday?

Did you thank God for the job/business He has given you?

Did you thank God for your family and friends?

Have a list of Thanks Offering to God everyday!

Glorify God by an Attitude of Praise

God deserves all our praise and worship. He has done so much for us, to stop praising Him. Praise God for who He is and for all that He has done. Look at the works of His hands and stand in awe of the beauty of His creations.

A praise-filled heart acknowledges how awesome God and His handiworks are!

Did you praise God for who He is and so great a gift of Salvation today?

Glorify God by Contentment

We always want more and more. We think that we will be content once we get that promotion or pay hike or job, but after receiving it, our expectations and goals elevate. We never feel content with what God has given at the moment. This would be displeasing our Lord. Complaining and murmuring will only delay God's blessings, our purpose, and keep us from enjoying the life that God has graciously given to us now.

Glorify God by Surrender

We all want our own things to be done. We don't want God to dictate our life events. But, God's plans are far better than ours. God knows what is best for you and so leave it all to Him. Cast all your burdens and cares on Him. Plan, pray and surrender your plans to God. Let Him choose which plans of your's should come to pass and which should not. Let Him decide the timings for fulfillment of His plans for your life. Surrender everything to God who knows you better than you.

Glorify God by Obedience

You cannot enjoy the fullest life that God has for you, if you do not walk in obedience. Dis-obedience and sin grieves the Holy Spirit and the accuser(the devil) will look for opportunities to accuse you and keep you from fulfilling your God-given purposes.

Glorify God by doing it all for God

Whatever you do, do it for God. Whether it is washing your dishes, taking care of your children or working in an office, you can glorify God if you do it for Him. You have to work and live for God, with a greatful God.

Glorify God by Generosity

If you trust God for your provision, you will not withhold all your money for yourselves. You will give away a portion of the money you have for God's work. You will not go for unethical means to earn money. A generous heart, glorifies God by acknowledging that it is God who gives you the ability to create wealth!


1. To glorify God in all you do, you must first be a child of God and acknowledge how awesome He is.
2. How to glorify God in everyday activities? You must have a thankful heart and live in conscious connection with God, praising Him for all His deeds.

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