- Grow in Knowledge and Truth of God

Spiritual Discipline

Confessing Sins to God
How to be Holy?
How to Grow in God?
Origin and Study of The Lord's Prayer
Learning from the Prayers of Jesus Christ
Walking in Obedience to God's Word
Biblical Rest
Spiritual Transformation Process
Being a Disciple of Jesus Christ

The Christian Way of Life

The Christian Life
Glorify God in all you do
What is True Love according to the Bible
Fruits of the Spirit - Kindness and Goodness
How to Live by Faith?
How to Make Disciples for Christ?
Modern Day Idols
Creative Ways to Share the Gospel
God in the Workplace
Purpose of Suffering
Christian Priorities
God's Will For Us
God's Purpose For Us
A Day of Rest - Sabbath
The Lordship of Jesus Christ
Put Your Faith In God, Not Things or Others
Wilderness Experience in the Bible
Fanny Crosby Biography

Essential Biblical Principles for Life

Biblical Principles to Live By
Biblical Leadership Principles
Biblical Principles of Money Finance
Biblical Principles of Restoring the Lost
A Biblical View of Using Talents and Gifts
Biblical Success Principles
Biblical Principles of Time Management
A Biblical View of Hard Work

False Teachings

Prosperity Gospel Definition and Biblical Guidelines
General Revelation and Special Revelation in the Bible
Legalism in the Church


Free Will and God's Sovereignty

Bible Lessons

Lessons from the Book of Daniel
Lessons from the Book of Joseph

About Prayer

Does Prayer Change Things?
Strategic Prayer
Prayer Points for your Daily Prayers
What can Prayers do?
Pray or Act? Work or Wait?